South African Beach Ceremony & Private Game Reserve Reception: Hannah & Angus

Dear South Africa – your weddings are amaze balls. That is all.

If you’d have asked me if I would ever have considered an overseas wedding I would have said “hell no”! My family and friends, not there? How could I fathom that concept and even consider getting married without my nearest and dearest there to witness the magic!? But after time and a certain fiancé nurturing the metaphorical seed I actually came around to the idea and thought, well you know what – “why not”?!


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Ain’t No Sunshine: Wedding Prep for all Conditions!

“Do not be angry with the rain. It simply does not know how to fall upwards” – Vladamir Nabokov

Short and sweet this week guys – as we approach summer and the tension mounts for a summer scorcher, I want to write about what to do if you don’t get the Caribbean style sunshine that you’re dreaming of. How to prepare, actions to take and what the outcomes are. You do NOT want to miss this EPIC gallery!

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Health & Wellbeing: Keeping Sane whilst Wedding Planning!

I decided to write this blog last week when I was preparing for my 10km race. I always try to eat pretty healthily and get my arse into gear to go running when I can. It made me think how much better I feel when I’m looking after myself and how much easier the days go when I’m fighting fit and not fighting my way into a packet of biscuits. I wanted to share my Top Tips with you to make sure that your wedding plans are keeping on track with your life and that they have not taken over and become your life in an unhealthy way. And so it begins…

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Bootylicious Shoot: Naughty Ballroom & Winter Warrior BouddICEa

December 6th 2013 – this was the day that magic happened!

Hair stylist Beckie Packham, make-up artist Victoria Chainey and professional photographer Amanda Duncan created a breathtaking moodboard of ideas for a stylised photoshoot. The wedding theme of 2013 was Great Gatsby so this was a sure fire trend to incorporate but with a fun and slightly Avant Garde twist and so ‘Naughty Ballroom’ was born!

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Rustic Renovated Garage Wedding in West Hollywood: Emily & Victoria

Wow! Just, wow! These two girls know how to throw a party and with a background in catering and events, sit back and hear all about a perfect day in the land of the beautiful!

Emily and Victoria met about two and half years ago in New York City on a girls night out. A born and bred Brit who plays for the England squash team, Victoria had moved out to the U.S a little while before meeting Emily, the stunning Jewish girl from New Jersey and their mutual friend come matchmaker decided they just had to meet! The rest as they say, is history and the planning began…

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