Bootylicious Shoot: Naughty Ballroom & Winter Warrior BouddICEa

December 6th 2013 – this was the day that magic happened!

Hair stylist Beckie Packham, make-up artist Victoria Chainey and professional photographer Amanda Duncan created a breathtaking moodboard of ideas for a stylised photoshoot. The wedding theme of 2013 was Great Gatsby so this was a sure fire trend to incorporate but with a fun and slightly Avant Garde twist and so ‘Naughty Ballroom’ was born!

Never the time wasters they also wanted to incorporate their wintery surroundings and take the photoshoot outside into the grounds of the chosen venue, Kingswood Golf Club. “There have been so many wintery themed shoots so we wanted to make sure this one was really different and stood out – we wanted to do something really wild!” The amazing Victoria with her strong background in the fashion industry, came up with creating a Winter Warrior style shoot using Bouddicea as the inspiration – “the ‘ice queen’ thing has been really over done, let’s do something totally unique!”

1518620_185024295026748_893568371_o It was important to the girls that they had a real sized chick to better portray their work and somehow I ended up with the absolute privilege of being the model on which these fabulous ladies worked – I remember only too well how happy Beckie was that she finally got to get her hands into my locks! She created an absolutely superb ‘roll’ style up-do for Naughty Ballroom and Victoria did a smoky eye with long feather (yes, feather not feathered) lashes! The gown was brought by Natasha from BRIDE and was part of her stunning Ellis collection and with a few extras by way of faux rabbit fur jacket, brooch bouquet from Brooch Bride and a stunning vintage car from Timeless Experience, we headed outside to start! And yes, it was bloody freezing….

Firstly we began shots in and around the stunning vintage Badsworth (no I didn’t mount the car) and focused on the stunning grounds that Kingswood had to offer. Despite the bitter cold the evergreens are simply beautiful and the views over neighbouring Chipstead valley were to die for! I know it can be cliché but this group of women were just mind-blowing to work with and the enthusiasm and passion they have for their work and artistry was just so special to be a part of.

From there we all moved inside (put the kettle on) and continued with some very dramatic shots in the Ballroom of Kingswood Golf Club that perfectly fit the theme the girls had created. Dressed with candelabras from Events Avant Garde and wearing the most stylish meringue on my head that you’ve ever seen, I felt like I should’ve been strutting the streets of the Champs de Elysees drinking Moet et Chandon. I feel it only appropriate to point out this ‘meringue’ was actually a simple veil that Beckie-magic-hands-Packham whipped into something Marilyn M would have thrown atop her golden crown!


From there came the Winter Warrior shoot. I should mention at this point, Amanda was getting more and more excited and her love for photography knows no bounds – her enthusiasm never waned and despite the freezing conditions outside and her fingers turning practically purple, the smile never left her face (to be fair for all I know it could’ve been because she was frozen solid by this point but that’s neither here nor there!)

Now, when someone tells you that they are going to put sticks in your hair and granulated sugar in your eyebrows in the name of weddings, you really just have to go with the flow just to see what the hell is going to happen. Off with the eyelashes and on with the glucose! Beckie made my hair positively lion-esque and it was freakin’ gorgeous! Victoria added a silvery sheen to my face and chest and created ice on my eyebrows and in my wild locks using wet sugar (yes, it was a nightmare to wash out….but tasted delicious!)

It was at this point there was nothing left to do other than…climb a tree in the tulle dress that Natasha had found to match this theme. With stunning jewelled shoulder straps and an ethereal skirt, all those years of having no friends and pretending to be a chimpanzee paid off – I was up! For me these shots are the most glorious and I’ve never seen anything like this before – I knew the girls wanted to achieve something different and I wanted to be a part of that (although I did get told later that day that a guest inside the venue asked why there was a child climbing the tree) Moving swiftly on…

1503948_183517311844113_1463769990_nThe last phase of this epic shoot was a final ‘inelegant change’ (inelegant change dictionary def. = squeezing sausage into skin) in the most stunning gown of the day. Oyster in colour, this satin dream was ashamedly forced over my hips and arse by both Natasha and Amanda (I’m actually laughing remembering this moment) and I hobbled outside attempting not to breathe. We created lots of movement (somehow) with these images and the stunning steely appearance of the dress complimented the wintery backdrop. The flowers were designed by Sharon at A & S Flower Studio who really listened to the brief and gave us something extraordinary to work with!

So there you have it. A 5ft 4inch size 14 bridal model come blogger – haha! I hope you enjoy the gallery and find all of these beautiful people at their websites listed below!

Happy Weddings! x


Supporting Cast

Hair: Beckie Packham –

Photography: Amanda Duncan –

Make Up: Victoria Chainey –

Dresses: Natasha Jane –

Flowers: Sharon Cole –

Brooch Bouquet: Amanda Davis –

Cars: David Moore – Timeless Weddings

Centrepieces: Danny Costello –

Venue: Kingswood Golf & Country Club –





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