Ain’t No Sunshine: Wedding Prep for all Conditions!

“Do not be angry with the rain. It simply does not know how to fall upwards” – Vladamir Nabokov

Short and sweet this week guys – as we approach summer and the tension mounts for a summer scorcher, I want to write about what to do if you don’t get the Caribbean style sunshine that you’re dreaming of. How to prepare, actions to take and what the outcomes are. You do NOT want to miss this EPIC gallery!

So you’ve booked your wedding reception – yay! The service is booked, the venue is organised and your Pinterest account is in overdrive. Maybe you’ve booked your Big Day for the summer and you’re keeping those fingers crossed for a sizzler. Maybe you’re keeping costs down by going for an early spring date and hoping for temperate skies and fresh blossoms. Or maybe you’ve gone for a winter wonderland and so aren’t expecting the heat and will settle for whatever the weather might bring, be it rain or shine. Whatever the time of year you are planning to celebrate, in good old Blighty we can never be sure what to expect – rain, sun, hail, floods, drought or snow, which is why it’s always good to be prepared for that rainy day, should the worst happen.

If you’ve booked your Big day for August, odds are we won’t have to consider snow as a possible liability – however, there are no guarantees for blue skies and beaming sunshine and as such, you may want to start thinking about ways to incorporate more appropriate wet weather gear into your day, just in case! That BBQ that you’re planning? Sounds amazing! But do you risk it for a brisket and end up with soggy burgers? Awful food related puns aside here, it’s a good idea to check with your caterers what the contingency plan is if you’re planning an al fresco summer fare.

This goes for your venue as well – the grounds might be glorious and if God is smiling upon you, you’ll have plenty of photographs with rolling hills, rose bushes and family and friends mingling on the terrace with their Pimms trying to keep cool. If however the heavens decide to open, where are you going to have your photographs? Those rolling hills are somewhat redundant now if you’re not prepared to take the plunge in your satin wedges. Always check with your wedding coordinator indoor locations for group shots and areas that your guests can mingle freely if the weather turns less than appropriate for sangria.

Having said this, whilst you may want to shelter your guests from the untimely torments, I am fully of the opinion that you should brave the storms and get outside for your photos! Whether it’s 3 degrees and bitter winds, biblical floods, or hail to knock even the hardiest groom unconscious, get outside and get those extreme weather shots! You’re not going to be doing any bridal shoots after the drinks reception anyway and when the wine starts flowing the bad weather will be but a distant memory. Don’t waste the money you’ve spent on your photographer because you’re afraid of getting cold or your hair becoming frizzy – hello!?…nobody cares! It’s your day so be fabulous and rock out that frizz! It might just earn you a spot on Kat Williams’ Rock’n’RollBride blog! For winter weddings, make sure you wear under layers, bring wellies and have a hot water bottle waiting behind the top table. Be cold for 20 minutes and get the photos that will last a lifetime. If it’s raining, grab that stylish umbrella that you’ve already pre-prepared in the event of rain  – I highly recommend Jolly Brolly for an endless selection of ruffles, colours, unique shapes and styles – don those ‘Weddington Boots’ and be an epic bride with epic shots – do not make it an epic fail! (Even if your hopes are high for summer, I suggest getting a stunning brolly to frolic around with – they are too adorable and great for shade!

If you’re a winter bride and are planning for your guests to be sodden and enthusiastically chilled, make special plans in advance with your wedding coordinator and caterers and make sure you have hot chocolate and warm jam tarts waiting for them on arrival. Or even mugs of soup to warm their weary souls – homeless shelter chic! If you know you could be facing the worst of what the British weather has to bring, then over prepare to ensure you don’t end up sitting in a soggy pair of shoes through your wedding breakies. Not a good look! Bring some blankets for guests in a big basket so they can snuggle up during the photos. A spare pair of shoes never goes amiss and who’s to say you can’t wear your favourite fluffy bed socks behind the top table? Comfort first, embarrassment later!

Lastly, speak with your photographer about alternative options in advance. Have a look through some of their ‘not so great weather images’ and see what they have done to make sure their photos aren’t a wash out. In reality, the drama that is created by extreme weather or rain, is often far superior to a picture perfect sunny scene. Reflections in the water, out of control brollies, swirling blizzards and thunder clouds all add an element of fairytale and uniqueness without the need for trying. If you don’t believe me or you are panicking about your wedding being a meteorological washout, just check out this amazing gallery with images from the UK and the States supplied by a bloody awesome group of photographers!

With special thanks & BIG LOVE to all you gorgeous trigger happies who supplied photos for this blog!

Hayley BrayAmanda DuncanSam Dorrington – Richard Verdi (Arizona) – Simon PopeJoanne Collins

Happy Weddings!

Han x






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