1960’s Vintage Barbie Picnic with a Modern Twist

Yes, this shoot was as awesome as it’s title suggests! I love my job – how many girls can say they trekked into the middle of the woods with cakes, vintage crockery, a wedding dress and a ribbon chandelier to setup for a 1960’s Barbie inspired vintage picnic. Answer: few. The best part was, I got to do this with my most favourite wedding troop who truly made this shoot extra special and loads of fun!  As you can see from the image below, the chief editors at Bride Magazine thought this was too amazing not to share with the world and our shoot made the front cover of Surrey Bride magazine!



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Sizzling Weddings: 15 Summer Treats to Keep your guests Cool!

“If you saw a heatwave, would you wave back?” (Steven Wright)

Are you planning your summer wedding and hoping for Andalucian style sunshine? Well, fingers crossed the rain holds off and you get your summer scorcher that you’re hoping for – but don’t forget, you don’t want your guests to melt before you’ve cut your wedding cake! So why not take some of our ideas and make sure you have a refreshing selection of delicious delicacies to delight and more importantly, cool down your sweltering guests!

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Alice in Wonderland Inspired Wedding with Jabberwocky Roast: Lizzie & Chris

Yes, that is a white rabbit sign post. What?…

If you are big into Alice in Wonderland and everything whimsical and fairytale, then you too like this amazing couple, will probably want to inject a little whimsy into your wedding day. Lizzie and Chris (or should I say Lizzie) dreamed of a quintessential storybook wedding complete with a mad hatters tea party, fairytale dresses and flamingo croquet. I should mention at this point that the planning started with Lizzie buying her dream dress…before her groom had proposed!

DSCN1695“I had visited a wedding fair one Spring weekend with my sister with no expectation to buy anything but just to have a nice day out. Upon leaving the fair, a dress sparkled and caught my eye. A Dress, more like THE dress. The dress I knew I would get married in. I guess you just know when you know. A sparkling white bodice with a 19 layer tulle skirt. SOLD! All I had to do next was phone my boyfriend and check that he wanted to get married at some point! After 10 years of waiting, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. After all, this is not a fairytale, and even some princes need a kick in the backside!” How cool is this bride right now?…

Lizzie’s vision was to combine an English tea party theme with the famous and fabulous details from Lewis Carroll’s classic novel. There was to be no ‘tat’ but sophisticated, quirky and magical elements to set their day apart from all the rest. “I was totally spoiled for choice with ideas. The story is full of barmy quotations and novel items of interest!”

All of the small but essential details were strategically set in place including white rabbit sign posts to the venue to encourage guests to get into the spirit of the mysterious and bonkers! There were red roses everywhere, teapots, giant playing cards with quotes, two ridiculously fabulous steampunk style hats to adorn the long banquet table and flamingo croquet on the lawn – of course!

The bridesmaids wore stunning light blue Alice style dresses with black patent shoes and Lizzie’s sister, our maid of honour in this case, was the Queen of Hearts! All of the dresses came from Lou Lou – an incredible British designer based in Wembley. The groom wasn’t altogether prepared to be the mad hatter but as Lizzie said, “He agreed to the theme but I wouldn’t push it. He was allowing all the above after all!”


The day that Lizzie had dreamed of had arrived! The Queen of Hearts showered her with nothing other than what you would find in a fairytale…well, one of my fairytales anyway. Breakfast was a sausage sarnie and Disaranno! Lizzie made it to the venue in her dads stunning red Chrysler, “his pride and joy”, and walked down the aisle at Kingswood Golf and Country Club with an overstated bun, absolutely breathtaking tiara and a bright red lip to complete her look.

Surrounded by bubbles, cakes, champagne, roses and loved ones their wonderland was complete! Lizzie’s dad, “the carpenter without a walrus”, even made a gorgeous wooden sign post directing guests to the jabberwocky roast evening buffet (in the shape of a hog and lamb roast) and directions to ‘this way’, ‘tea party’ ‘that way’, just to avoid any confusion with regards to the location of things! Lizzie’s final pride and joy were her hand made favour boxes that took the shape of of the mad hatters….well, hat! Lovingly made with her bridesmaids over a few glasses/bottles of vino! They contained playing card chocolates, rose scented tea bags and mini pocket watches – now that’s a wedding favour you won’t get every day!

Check out Lizzie and Chris’ amazing gallery right here on Pistachio Blush!

Happy Weddings!

Han x

Supporting Cast

Venue – Kingswood Golf and Country Club

Photographer – Amanda Duncan

Dress – Berketex Bride

Bridesmaids Dresses – Lou Lou Bridal at Miss Bush Bridal

Stationery – Etsy




Watching the Pennies: Bridesmaids Dresses under £80!

If you’ve gone OTT on your bridesmaids and now have 27 girls to dress up in matching clobber for your big day and can’t afford the hefty price tags that come with the oh-so gorgeous Dessy or David’s Bridal gowns, head to the high street and pick up a bargain! Whether you’re hitting the summer sales or going for a boho-chic affair and scouting for mismatching dresses to create dynamic photos, you’ll find hidden gems in your local outlets and markets.

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Wedding Planning: 7 Things You Wish You Knew Before

I have been a wedding coordinator for nearly 5 years and planned my own international wedding. I’ve seen and experienced the trials and tribulations, the family fallout’s and the pitfalls that come with lack of research and forethought. I’ve also seen the happy faces when plans come together and the excitement at the end of the night when the months and years of planning come together. So, where and how do you start? It’s amazing the clarity that comes with completing a long and often arduous task and there is usually an infamous sentence uttered after the big day itself sounding something like, ‘If I could do one thing differently it would be…’

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