1960’s Vintage Barbie Picnic with a Modern Twist

Yes, this shoot was as awesome as it’s title suggests! I love my job – how many girls can say they trekked into the middle of the woods with cakes, vintage crockery, a wedding dress and a ribbon chandelier to setup for a 1960’s Barbie inspired vintage picnic. Answer: few. The best part was, I got to do this with my most favourite wedding troop who truly made this shoot extra special and loads of fun!  As you can see from the image below, the chief editors at Bride Magazine thought this was too amazing not to share with the world and our shoot made the front cover of Surrey Bride magazine!



I actually found the location that I wanted to hold this shoot while I was walking in Banstead woods with my husband. We came across a gorgeous wooden picnic bench in a section of the woods that was surrounded by pine trees and ferns and I thought it was just perfect! Being me, I wanted to do something totally different and as ‘vintage’ has been done so much before I thought a bright and uber modern edge was a fun and quirky way to approach this shoot. I loved the idea of doing a vintage picnic as it is so popular but I am a believer in  keeping things fresh and not following the trends, but taking them and creating something different. It was at this point that the fashionista come make-up artist Victoria Chainey, who Barbie-dolled up the gorgeous model Jessica, suggested we add a 1960’s twist to the shoot which fitted perfectly with the bright colours I wanted to bring in. The gorgeous sunflowers provided by Sharon Cole and the brightly coloured vases that I had found whilst searching for items to style the shoot, were a nod towards Pop Art from the 60’s and the effect against the natural beauty of the location is just breathtaking!

Ribbon chandelier for weddingsThe most incredible item we used for this shoot in my opinion was the absolutely unreal ribbon chandelier that we suspended off-centre above the picnic table. The effect as the ribbons blew in the wind added such dynamic to the photos and as we had used a thin green garden wire, the chandelier appeared to float effortlessly amidst the trees. (FYI – these chandeliers are rare in the UK and if you are having a marquee wedding, outdoor wedding or barn wedding where these whimsical wonders can be suspended from trees or beams then you need to get in touch with the incredible Eliza-Kate from Quaint and Quirky Event Hire.

No vintage picnic would be complete without some stunning vintage crockery and this was all supplied by Jo at Vintage Tea Hire and this was adorned with bright, colourful (and might I say delicious!) delicacies from Suzy at Quintessential Cookies. Macaroons, cupcakes, cookies and cake pops (covered with white chocolate and popping candy!) brought this gorgeous crockery to life and the centrepiece were Suzy’s amazing ‘burger whoopee pies’. If you have never had one of these, your life frankly is not complete. A homemade melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cookie surrounded by whoopee pie buns and filled with red and green fondant, these are definitely not included on my bikini diet. (To hell with the diet, they are bloody amazing!)

wedding whoopie pies that lok like burgers No wedding is complete without a perfectly iced wedding cake and Jeannette’s Great Cakes provided a stunning pale pink and ivory number to complete this Barbie themed affair. I might just add at this point, it was a 26 degree July morning when we carried all of the wedding paraphernalia a mile into the woods from our cars and Jeannette carried her 3 tier cake – in what you can imagine as a rather robust box – through the undergrowth, across uprooted trees and through brambles to get to location. Respect!

The final and finishing touch was the stunning lace tea dress by Kenneth Winston supplied by Natasha at BRIDE in Dorking. I finished off the look with two different pairs of shoes for a bit of variety. The first stunners by Irregular Choice and the second, a mandatory pair of fuchsia patent winkle pickers by New Look! All of the other beautiful items that finish off this Barbie extravaganza were supplied by Pistachio Blush who creatively styled and organised this shoot. Watch out for the insane pair of sunnies that were my inspiration!

You do not want to miss this insanely colourful gallery!

Happy Wedding!

Han x

Supporting Cast

Creative Styling & Management – Pistachio Blush

Photography – Amanda Duncan Photography

Chandelier & Bunting – Quaint and Quirky Event Hire

Make-up – Victoria Chainey Make-up

Catering – Quintessential Cookies

Wedding Cake – Jeannettes Great Cakes

Vintage Crockery – Vintage Tea Hire

Wedding Dress – Private Label by Kenneth Winston at BRIDE by Natasha Jane

2 thoughts on “1960’s Vintage Barbie Picnic with a Modern Twist

    • Thanks Eliza! It was the most beautiful day and we were so lucky! The bright colours and quirky nature of the shoot have had so much attention and we now grace the cover of Surrey Bride Magazine 2014/15 with one of the images by Amanda Duncan. So many girls have gone crazy for this because it’s quirky but still so pretty and achievable but fun!
      Hannah x

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