Making Fairytales: More than a Wedding Planner

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale” – Unknown Author

It’s often shocking the amount of couples who get to the final phase of planning their wedding and say “If we’d have known it was going to be so stressful we would have paid someone to do it for us”.

I’m not saying that a wedding planner is for everyone as some couples have the most amazing fun designing and executing the biggest day of their lives. But what happens if you don’t want anything to do with the plans, have no clue where to start or simply have too many things to juggle aside from wedding planning? I think it’s important for people to know that there are various options and levels of support that you can hire from a wedding planner and it’s not all or nothing. You might be looking for ad-hoc support as and when you need it, on the day support if you don’t have a coordinator (or a coordinator worth their salt) or simply an initial design consultation or budget support. Don’t forget, wedding planning is a full-time job so asking for the help of an expert simply allows you to maintain your hectic life throughout the planning stages.

The thing is, we’re not just there to help with the planning and fluff the sashes on the big day. If you hire a wedding planner, you hire an extra bridesmaid, a friend and a rock who will calm you down when you’re feeling at your most stressed. We’re there to make sure your dress looks flawless, to re-touch your make up before you walk down the aisle when your make up artist has gone home and have the boob tape ready at a moments notice in case of any bridal party wardrobe nightmares. We’re there to be the outside voice to offer reason and perspective from a non-emotional stand point and be rational when tensions could be running high. We don’t want recognition or the lime light, that’s all for you – we want to make sure that you have perfection, whatever perfection means to you. We’ll pin the buttonholes and fix the cravats, stitch accidental rips in the dress and administer plasters to blistered party feet. Want to play it safe on your wedding night? We’re there waiting should you have forgotten ‘wedding night essentials’! We’re also there to organise hotel rooms, liaise with suppliers throughout and on the day and send out your thank you cards after close.

Countries such as the U.S, South Africa and Australia to name a few build a wedding planner in to their budgets – it seems to be the norm! They recognise the value of having that support, creative outlet and ‘fairy godmother’ of sorts to make the planning stages stress free and exciting throughout. Having  a planner may be an additional spend initially but it’s time saved for you to carry on with your lives, work, family (planning a wedding can take between 250-350 hours on average) and ultimately they should be able to save the pennies through supplier negotiation and clear, concise budget control; keeping the reigns firm while your imagination runs free!

It’s always tricky in all of the excitement of being newly engaged to recognise the benefits of added assistance but just remember, you’re enlisting the support of a friend and expert who will always pick up your calls, listen to the dramas from an impartial position and always be on hand to talk weddings and go shopping!

If you choose to go it alone then odds are you will have an amazing wedding and hopefully your coordinators and friends and family will help create your dream day with you – but if you want to enjoy the build up, remain stress free and allow your friends and family relax and enjoy the day with you, then you might want to look into speaking with a wedding planner to see what they can offer you by way of support.

If you are interested in wedding planning or coordination from Pistachio Blush, then please contact us for more information on our range of services for all wedding budgets. Check out our testimonials page to see what our clients say about us and stay a while to get some inspiration from our Styled Shoots and featured Real Weddings.

Happy Weddings!

Han x





2 thoughts on “Making Fairytales: More than a Wedding Planner

  1. I like this ‘If you hire a wedding planner, you hire an extra bridesmaid, a friend and a rock who will calm you down when you’re feeling at your most stressed.’ So many brides need this extra support without realising, this quote sums it all up.

    • Thanks Eliza – some planners don’t take this view as they are not a ‘paid friend’ but I think it’s inevitable that they look to you for support as the one with their special day solely in your hands. The planner is the person who comes with no history, no family dramas and no prejudice.
      Hannah x

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