Shabby Chic Dubrovnik Wedding: Katherine & Anthony

SWOON! This romantic, shabby chic, country style wedding took place in no other than Croatia’s stunning capital city. Dubrovnik. If you have never taken a boat from a wedding ceremony to a wedding reception, you are now morally obligated to read about this incredible wedding and you CANNOT miss one of the most beautiful galleries I’ve ever seen. Oh, and there’s a cat too – yep, that’s definitely the cherry on top of a very big wedding cake!

The date was the 23rd October 2014 and although Katherine and Anthony had never been to Croatia before, they fell in love with the old fashioned look of Dubrovnik and decided that was the place for them! Subsequent visits confirmed that they made the right choice and they made the sensible decision whilst planning an overseas wedding to hire a wedding planner, Kike at Do You Wed Me. “We had a wedding planner which made things so much easier, she took care of everything that was awkward. We just gave her ideas and she did a lot of the magic and preparation”.


The theme of the wedding was shabby chic and this beautiful and simple style of decor fitted with the quirky style of Dubrovnik’s old town perfectly. “The venues we decided on were all old traditional and beautiful buildings. We kept the decor quite simple and elegant, the flowers were all country style in old coloured jars rather than anything too modern”. The ceremony took place at Sponza Palace in the old town to which Katherine walked through the cobbled streets and the reception was held at Villa Argentina near the coast – and yes, they traveled there in a goddamn boat – awesome! Once at Grand Villa Argentina – a 5 star venue – their 60 guests tucked into a sumptuous 5 course meal with wine and Prossecco (mandatory) and had red velvet & chocolate cake wedding cake for afters! The night ended with a DJ and dancing until the early hours.

Now, how many dresses is average for girls to try on before they pick THE ONE? I would say on average…15…maybe? Katherine was not going by halves and admits easily trying on at least 30 dress and searching for over 6 months. Needless to say she found an absolute stunner of a gown, designed by Angelina Faccenda – queen of the silhouette! She bought this from Ava Rose Hamilton in Barrowford.


It’s understandable that for any bride she wants perfection and a stress free day and Katherine was no different. The most important thing for this couple was for there not to have been any issues (and to have bloody fabulous weather!) Thankfully they had everything they wanted and would not have changed a thing! That’s always good to hear, right? After their wedding day, they sailed off to a nearby island called Lopud for a week’s relaxation in a resort – just to wind down from the stress of all the fabulous food and wine…(that’s just my bitter side coming out, apologies).

When asked what they could recommend to other couples planning their weddings, they shared with us these two nuggets  of wisdom. Ladies and gents, ears open!:

1) Always get a wedding planner if you’re going abroad no matter what the cost!  (Hella agreed…)

2) Whatever your budget is, you will spend more. (Agreed. but mainly because I am haphazard with money…)

Now get a chocolate biscuit and checkout this most amazing and beautiful of galleries – it’s like falling into an old fairy tale (with Prossecco).

A special thanks to the couples amazing photographer who happens to be the brides brother, Paul Hamblin Photography for sharing his images and many congrats to the happy couple on their incredible and unique wedding!

Happy Weddings! x


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