The Perfect Viewing: What NOT to do!

Are a wedding coordinator, planner or want to get into this field? This blog is for you!

Check your sales technique. How is your body language? Are you mirroring? Do you follow up? Don’t forget, first and foremost you are a sales person – as well as dream maker!imagesEV22G6XK


My experience in weddings has allowed me 5 years of wedding coordination to develop my skills in conducting the perfect wedding showround for potential clients. To begin with, it takes a person who genuinely cares about people as a starting point – if you haven’t got this, this career path is not for you.

Crafting your skills takes many years of practise, dedication, understanding and training – not everyone is a salesperson and this could not have been more apparent when I took myself and a colleague on a mystery shopping expedition of some of the most well-known wedding venues in Surrey. (The venues will of course all remain nameless but I will be shedding some light on things ‘to do’ and things that you should definitely ‘NOT do’ when conducting a viewing).

Out of 6 venues, we remembered only one coordinator for positive reasons. This shows how easily forgettable you are if you do not take steps to stand out from your competitors.

TOP TIP: asking questions not only allows you to get an accurate vision of what your client is looking for but asking questions using rhetoric is a clever and subtle method of getting your clients to agree with you, which builds rapport. Eg: “It’s absolutely beautiful isn’t it”?


Before I get into some of the bad practise that we experienced and frankly some down right bizarre behaviour, I’d like to point out that we came across some good practise that I have shared with you below.


  • Setting up a private table with water, teacups, flowers and photo albums shows you are prepared and ready for your clients arrival. Why not go the extra mile and provide a few biscuits? If you have the facility to do this in a private room, all the better! Forethought and preparation goes a long way and you can almost guarantee that other venues have not gone to this extent.

  • Always shake your clients hand! It builds rapport and instantly engages your client.


  • Never cross your arms or legs. Similarly, don’t hold anything in front of your body such as clipboards. It blocks your body and looks as if you are hiding something. Be free, open and stand tall.

  • ASK QUESTIONS! It allows you the chance to understand what your client wants so you can design their day with their specific requests in mind. That way, when you create a proposal you don’t waste your client’s time, your time and you can target your sale with key information.

Now onto the bad…(brace yourselves. For those who cringe easily, maybe jump behind the safety of the nearest sofa…)

BAD VIEWING TECHNIQUES (from recent experience)

  • If your client arrives early and you are able to see them – do! Do not tell the receptionist on the phone that they are early and will have to wait until said time. Uncool. (On this particular occasion we actually just walked out – business lost).


  • Never turn up in jeans. Never. Ever. You are selling the most important day of two people’s lives. Be respectful and dress the part.

–   Know who is coming! Don’t be caught off guard and always know your clients names. You have gone through the process of taking their names and details in advance. Why make them repeat everything? Annoying!

  • Please never insist your clients go into the toilets to look at them. One after the other. Disabled, Ladies, Gents…Especially before you’ve shown them the reception room…(words escape me on this one).

  • Do not point out that you are going to speak to your clients like a school teacher when showing them the brochure. It’s just a little awkward…


  • If another viewing arrives, please do not bellow out to the other coordinator that ‘you’ll take these ones then..’. Although business is great, nobody likes to feel as if they’re falling into a churning corporate machine – throw them in, spit them out.

  • Do not hand your client a form to fill out before offering them a drink or asking their name. Can you spell IMPERSONAL?! (That was a rhetorical question – boom!)

  • If you say you are going to send something – send it! Only 1 in 6 of our viewings followed up with us as promised.

Coordinators and sales people of the world – take heed! These are a few simple techniques to put in to practise and several errors to avoid. It sounds almost ridiculous that salespeople would act in this manner but I’m here to tell you,  they do! Shocking as it may seem, your competitors make these mistakes time and time again without thinking. Set yourself apart, do something unique and change something about your approach. It may just be the difference you need to get the booking!

If you’re looking for some one-on-one sales training or group training for your business, get in touch for my number one recommendation in coaching and business development!

Happy Weddings!

Han x

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