Photography vs. Videography: A Wedding Dilemma…

If there was ever an element of a wedding that gets over looked time and time again, it’s videography. So many couples stick to tradition of a wedding photographer (which is fantastic and if you can land a good one, more power to you) but casually disregard the ‘need’ for a videographer.

Of course with weddings we do not actually need anything other than a registered location, someone to perform the legal marriage and two witnesses. (Maybe a glass of bubbles and a McVegas Burger if you’ve eloped to Nevada for your big day).

Let me explain the reasons for having a photographer and for having a videographer as they are reasonably similar in their goals but completely different in effect.

Photography: A finished article of anywhere from 100-300 edited, posed and picture perfect images that can be displayed in an album, uploaded to social media, framed and hung on your wall or made into thank you cards to follow your big day. They evoke emotion, personality and you have the opportunity to freeze frame a moment in time that you can look back on and remember forever. Worth every penny…

Videography: A finished article of a superbly crafted number of clips and sequences throughout your special day that allow you to immerse yourself in and relive your emotions, step by step. An unrehearsed account of you before, during and after the wedding ceremony including getting ready, arriving at your ceremony and reception, speeches, throwing the bouquet, first dance and an incredible variety of things that you simply will not see. Priceless…

I love photography and have worked with many incredibly talented photographers over the years. Videography just takes it to the next level emotionally and the reactions you have when you watch back your wedding video or the ‘highlights’ clip is as if you are reliving the day again. A photograph in my opinion simply cannot stir you in the same way although they are captivating to look through.

(Highlight Clip from my wedding day back in April 2014 in South Africa by Graz Prinsaloo from Durban Wedding Productions. We simply couldn’t experience our day again had it not been for this amazing artistry)…

Test: How many wedding photos have you ever blubbed over? Compare that to how many wedding videos you’ve blubbed over or got goosebumps from simply hitting ‘play’…

Now, of course having both a photographer and a videographer will have a financial impact on your wedding budget (that I bet is already fit to burst – just sayin’…) but it REALLY is worth every penny. Besides, I’m sure you don’t need to spend £800 on that DJ, or £50 per centrepiece to make your day perfect – after all, what’s a perfect day if you only get to do it once? Allow yourself the memories again by looking into videography instead of or as well as photography and relive the magic over and over and over again…

Ps. homemade videos by uncle Colin do notI repeat…NOT count as ‘videography’…

Happy Weddings!

Han x

The All Stars

Recommended Videographers

Wedding Flicks (UK Nationwide)

Durban Wedding Productions (South Africa, Kwazulu-Natal)

Recommended Photographers (UK Nationwide)

Amanda Duncan Photography

Everlasting Moments

Hayley Bray Photography


Photo by Amanda Duncan as featured in 1960’s Barbie’s Picnic styled wedding shoot by Hannah Mac Lennan at Pistachio Blush

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