Shabby Chic Dubrovnik Wedding: Katherine & Anthony

SWOON! This romantic, shabby chic, country style wedding took place in no other than Croatia’s stunning capital city. Dubrovnik. If you have never taken a boat from a wedding ceremony to a wedding reception, you are now morally obligated to read about this incredible wedding and you CANNOT miss one of the most beautiful galleries I’ve ever seen. Oh, and there’s a cat too – yep, that’s definitely the cherry on top of a very big wedding cake!

The date was the 23rd October 2014 and although Katherine and Anthony had never been to Croatia before, they fell in love with the old fashioned look of Dubrovnik and decided that was the place for them! Subsequent visits confirmed that they made the right choice and they made the sensible decision whilst planning an overseas wedding to hire a wedding planner, Kike at Do You Wed Me. “We had a wedding planner which made things so much easier, she took care of everything that was awkward. We just gave her ideas and she did a lot of the magic and preparation”.


The theme of the wedding was shabby chic and this beautiful and simple style of decor fitted with the quirky style of Dubrovnik’s old town perfectly. “The venues we decided on were all old traditional and beautiful buildings. We kept the decor quite simple and elegant, the flowers were all country style in old coloured jars rather than anything too modern”. The ceremony took place at Sponza Palace in the old town to which Katherine walked through the cobbled streets and the reception was held at Villa Argentina near the coast – and yes, they traveled there in a goddamn boat – awesome! Once at Grand Villa Argentina – a 5 star venue – their 60 guests tucked into a sumptuous 5 course meal with wine and Prossecco (mandatory) and had red velvet & chocolate cake wedding cake for afters! The night ended with a DJ and dancing until the early hours.

Now, how many dresses is average for girls to try on before they pick THE ONE? I would say on average…15…maybe? Katherine was not going by halves and admits easily trying on at least 30 dress and searching for over 6 months. Needless to say she found an absolute stunner of a gown, designed by Angelina Faccenda – queen of the silhouette! She bought this from Ava Rose Hamilton in Barrowford.


It’s understandable that for any bride she wants perfection and a stress free day and Katherine was no different. The most important thing for this couple was for there not to have been any issues (and to have bloody fabulous weather!) Thankfully they had everything they wanted and would not have changed a thing! That’s always good to hear, right? After their wedding day, they sailed off to a nearby island called Lopud for a week’s relaxation in a resort – just to wind down from the stress of all the fabulous food and wine…(that’s just my bitter side coming out, apologies).

When asked what they could recommend to other couples planning their weddings, they shared with us these two nuggets  of wisdom. Ladies and gents, ears open!:

1) Always get a wedding planner if you’re going abroad no matter what the cost!  (Hella agreed…)

2) Whatever your budget is, you will spend more. (Agreed. but mainly because I am haphazard with money…)

Now get a chocolate biscuit and checkout this most amazing and beautiful of galleries – it’s like falling into an old fairy tale (with Prossecco).

A special thanks to the couples amazing photographer who happens to be the brides brother, Paul Hamblin Photography for sharing his images and many congrats to the happy couple on their incredible and unique wedding!

Happy Weddings! x


Animal Print Casino Styled Wedding: Jolanda and Marc

It’s not every day that a bride will want blow up African animals at her wedding. It’s not every day a bride will have animal print sashes for her chair covers. And it’s certainly not every day that a bride will have leopard print eyeshadow to walk down the aisle. Well, today we meet Jolanda who is not an ‘every day’ bride and her husband Marc, who did do all of the above plus more for their amazing South African inspired wedding reception.


“Traditional has never been my thing” says Jolanda who was planning to get married to her uber traditional husband Marc in South Africa to really go to town with the ‘safari’ theme. When a change of circumstance meant this dream was no longer an option, the wedding was moved forward a year and the planning was full steam ahead!

“There are so many service providers out there who tell you that they can cater for different styles and tastes but when you tell them what you want, they start talking about something completely different!” Jolanda was struggling to find service providers who could understand her vision and adhere to her design concepts but nevertheless she knew what she wanted and pressed on to find those special and fabulous few who ultimately helped her create her dream day. A personal highlight for me is the incredible button bouquet by Lesa from I Heart Buttons and the eyeshadow that looks fresh from South African Vogue.

“The dress was never a big thing for me” explains Jolanda “it was never something I had dreamed about when I was younger. It was very much a ‘that’ll do’ type approach. After a while though, I did grow to love the dress”. Jolanda bought one of the first dresses she tried on in a very reasonably priced local shop and got most of the other items for the day including the bridesmaids dresses and decorations from eBay. From tip to toe Jolanda was kitted out with animal themed wonders, from the leopard jewel in her hair to her mulit-coloured animal print nails. (I think Marc’s traditional side got somewhat lost in translation!)


The main talking point as far as the decorations went were the 2 elephants that adorned the head table that had been sculpted from Ice by Global Ice Sculptures in Buckinghamshire. “People couldn’t believe that the sculpture was as cheap as it was – our guests thought it would have cost a lot more!” The hand made wedding cake was also a talking point and something the couple ‘couldn’t have been happier with’. Two cupcake towers stood either side of the adorable two tier creation that featured two elephant figurines on top – are you sensing the theme yet guys!?

Lastly but by no means least, they had included lots of fun activities in the evening such a casino tables, card tables and racing to accompany their evening buffet. Their venue in South Africa had a casino so they wanted to bring that element across the water to provide additional entertainment for their guests. “That way nobody could complain about being bored!”

The result was exactly what Jolanda and hubs Marc had hoped for and their day was magnificently captured by Mark Smith Photography who had put the couple at ease from start to finish and even shot them an engagement shoot to make sure that he could keep up with Jolanda’s quirky style!

Check out this flamboyant, fabulous and unique wedding gallery – dare you borrow any of Jolanda’s amazing ideas!?


Alice in Wonderland Inspired Wedding with Jabberwocky Roast: Lizzie & Chris

Yes, that is a white rabbit sign post. What?…

If you are big into Alice in Wonderland and everything whimsical and fairytale, then you too like this amazing couple, will probably want to inject a little whimsy into your wedding day. Lizzie and Chris (or should I say Lizzie) dreamed of a quintessential storybook wedding complete with a mad hatters tea party, fairytale dresses and flamingo croquet. I should mention at this point that the planning started with Lizzie buying her dream dress…before her groom had proposed!

DSCN1695“I had visited a wedding fair one Spring weekend with my sister with no expectation to buy anything but just to have a nice day out. Upon leaving the fair, a dress sparkled and caught my eye. A Dress, more like THE dress. The dress I knew I would get married in. I guess you just know when you know. A sparkling white bodice with a 19 layer tulle skirt. SOLD! All I had to do next was phone my boyfriend and check that he wanted to get married at some point! After 10 years of waiting, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. After all, this is not a fairytale, and even some princes need a kick in the backside!” How cool is this bride right now?…

Lizzie’s vision was to combine an English tea party theme with the famous and fabulous details from Lewis Carroll’s classic novel. There was to be no ‘tat’ but sophisticated, quirky and magical elements to set their day apart from all the rest. “I was totally spoiled for choice with ideas. The story is full of barmy quotations and novel items of interest!”

All of the small but essential details were strategically set in place including white rabbit sign posts to the venue to encourage guests to get into the spirit of the mysterious and bonkers! There were red roses everywhere, teapots, giant playing cards with quotes, two ridiculously fabulous steampunk style hats to adorn the long banquet table and flamingo croquet on the lawn – of course!

The bridesmaids wore stunning light blue Alice style dresses with black patent shoes and Lizzie’s sister, our maid of honour in this case, was the Queen of Hearts! All of the dresses came from Lou Lou – an incredible British designer based in Wembley. The groom wasn’t altogether prepared to be the mad hatter but as Lizzie said, “He agreed to the theme but I wouldn’t push it. He was allowing all the above after all!”


The day that Lizzie had dreamed of had arrived! The Queen of Hearts showered her with nothing other than what you would find in a fairytale…well, one of my fairytales anyway. Breakfast was a sausage sarnie and Disaranno! Lizzie made it to the venue in her dads stunning red Chrysler, “his pride and joy”, and walked down the aisle at Kingswood Golf and Country Club with an overstated bun, absolutely breathtaking tiara and a bright red lip to complete her look.

Surrounded by bubbles, cakes, champagne, roses and loved ones their wonderland was complete! Lizzie’s dad, “the carpenter without a walrus”, even made a gorgeous wooden sign post directing guests to the jabberwocky roast evening buffet (in the shape of a hog and lamb roast) and directions to ‘this way’, ‘tea party’ ‘that way’, just to avoid any confusion with regards to the location of things! Lizzie’s final pride and joy were her hand made favour boxes that took the shape of of the mad hatters….well, hat! Lovingly made with her bridesmaids over a few glasses/bottles of vino! They contained playing card chocolates, rose scented tea bags and mini pocket watches – now that’s a wedding favour you won’t get every day!

Check out Lizzie and Chris’ amazing gallery right here on Pistachio Blush!

Happy Weddings!

Han x

Supporting Cast

Venue – Kingswood Golf and Country Club

Photographer – Amanda Duncan

Dress – Berketex Bride

Bridesmaids Dresses – Lou Lou Bridal at Miss Bush Bridal

Stationery – Etsy




South African Beach Ceremony & Private Game Reserve Reception: Hannah & Angus

Dear South Africa – your weddings are amaze balls. That is all.

If you’d have asked me if I would ever have considered an overseas wedding I would have said “hell no”! My family and friends, not there? How could I fathom that concept and even consider getting married without my nearest and dearest there to witness the magic!? But after time and a certain fiancé nurturing the metaphorical seed I actually came around to the idea and thought, well you know what – “why not”?!


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Rustic Renovated Garage Wedding in West Hollywood: Emily & Victoria

Wow! Just, wow! These two girls know how to throw a party and with a background in catering and events, sit back and hear all about a perfect day in the land of the beautiful!

Emily and Victoria met about two and half years ago in New York City on a girls night out. A born and bred Brit who plays for the England squash team, Victoria had moved out to the U.S a little while before meeting Emily, the stunning Jewish girl from New Jersey and their mutual friend come matchmaker decided they just had to meet! The rest as they say, is history and the planning began…

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