Marquee vs. Venue: The great outdoors/indoors…

Whether your hosting your engagement party or wedding reception, bat mitzvah or christening, baby shower or Christmas party, the venue is key. It’s really important to get to grips with what a venue can do for you that a marquee can’t and what a marquee event can offer that a venue can’t. There are pro’s and con’s for both as with all other major life choices and this post will aim to uncover the positive, the negative and the financial hurdles that you will face when deciding on your venue.

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Photography vs. Videography: A Wedding Dilemma…

If there was ever an element of a wedding that gets over looked time and time again, it’s videography. So many couples stick to tradition of a wedding photographer (which is fantastic and if you can land a good one, more power to you) but casually disregard the ‘need’ for a videographer.

Of course with weddings we do not actually need anything other than a registered location, someone to perform the legal marriage and two witnesses. (Maybe a glass of bubbles and a McVegas Burger if you’ve eloped to Nevada for your big day).

Let me explain the reasons for having a photographer and for having a videographer as they are reasonably similar in their goals but completely different in effect.

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Networking in the Wedding Industry – A different approach….

We’ve all been to networking events to better our ability to meet and greet new people, build new business relationships and learn a little about who’s out there and what they’re doing that could affect or benefit our own businesses. Large rooms of people, a tidy price tag to get your foot in the door and those industry ‘clicks’ that we never talk about but that present a shield of impenetrable armour at said events thus leaving you on the outskirts, clutching a drink and looking around for a familiar face. Uncomfortable? I get it….

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The Perfect Viewing: What NOT to do!

Are a wedding coordinator, planner or want to get into this field? This blog is for you!

Check your sales technique. How is your body language? Are you mirroring? Do you follow up? Don’t forget, first and foremost you are a sales person – as well as dream maker!imagesEV22G6XK


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Battle of the Wedding Bulge – My Story….

Like many brides to be, I went through a last minute phase of…OH MY GOD, I need to shred some serious poundage before I fit into that stunning gown. My muffin top had turned into a cake shelf over Christmas and my wedding was looming!

Now, before you think that this is a story of how I turned my life around in 3 months and had the body and the confidence I wanted for my wedding – wrong! I, like so many others, left it too late and only got to a place where I was ‘satisfied’ that I look ‘good enough’ on my wedding day. Hey, I had the most amazing day, my pictures are RIDICULOUS (in the good way) and I wouldn’t have changed a minute.


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